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Industry SaaS Offering Series - Part 2

Chemical Inventory Management as a Service

Industry SaaS Offerings
As mentioned in my last article on Industry SaaS Offering Series, it is clear that SaaS, Business Process as a Service (BpaaS), Dynamic BPO Services segments will have the highest growth in the coming years. Together we may even see a $100 billion growth potential.

One advantages is that these two segments will automatically fuel the growth of:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service

It is only natural that an Industry SaSS offering will be built on a robust Cloud platform.

Another important thing is that these segments (SaaS, Business Process as a Service) will bring the much-needed innovation scope for the overall enterprises that are dependent on them, which means the overall economy growth lies in the success of this model.

To support the adoption of this model, we started with the Industry SaaS Offerings series, which can lead to a Business Process as a Service model. The first topic chosen is about Chemical Inventory Management and Compliance Reporting. We also mentioned that the listing of individual offerings may be difficult to cover in one attempt and we may need to have many updates to that posting.

In this context we are providing a value proposition of more offerings in this space that can lead to a Business Process as a Service model.

More Players
As we strive to identify more business processes that can be enabled as a Service, and we've chosen Chemical Inventory Management as a process. More players than the one listed in the first part of the article are also present in this space.

  • 3E Online MSDS Management is another vendor that provides on-demand access to MSDS and Chemical Inventory-related operations through its hosted operation model, which could be considered as BpaaS as it provides transparent access to needs of the end customer.
  • The 3E Online MSDS Hosting application provides access to product (M)SDSs via a manufacturer or distributor-specific website hosted by 3E launched from the customer's website and maintaining the customer's corporate identity via display of its corporate logo.
  • Some of the good features seen in this offering are the on-premise integration of the business process with customer data centers. 3E MSDS Push ensures that a company's (M)SDSs are sent to their customers in accordance with the regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions in which sales are made.
  • Also with the concept of cloud brokers most times a BpaaS provider instead of providing the services by themselves can procure services from others and offer it to their consumers. Refer to Cloud Reference Architecture from NIST for the role of cloud broker.
  • This concept of cloud broker helps the BpaaS providers to quickly scale up to new areas.
  • 3E MSDS eLink provides access to (M)SDSs via the manufacturer or distributor's own website rather than one supplied by 3E, creating a completely transparent experience to the end user. A link from the product or (M)SDS listing on the manufacturer's website accesses an (M)SDS image that is hosted and maintained by 3E.
  • As seen from their website, the complex needs for printing the label also seems to be provided as a SaaS offering
  • Also the MSD gen authoring platform isavailable on a SaaS basis for chemical manufacturers that need to develop and author MSDSs.
  • This vendor also offerd a hosted model of ArielWebInsight for substance-level regulatory data management, which complements the MSDS management offering by showing regulatory impact.
  • Further information about this offering can be seen from their website,

As we started this series on SaaS, BpaaS offerings it is encouraging to see more players in the space. Chemical Inventory Management is chosen as a starting point. We request the enterprises to contact these providers directly and evaluate them as per their processes.

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